Kitchen Design with Kathy Moses

Where do you begin the process?
I encourage clients to dream a bit about what their perfect kitchen scenario would be, and what kinds of workstations they would have to support this. We gather a wish list of appliance features, functions and accessories given the client’s lifestyle. We then take the layout parameters and think about moving through the space and what feels the most efficient.

Is the work triangle still central to kitchen design?
Kitchens have been designed for many years keeping the “work triangle” in mind. But today’s modern amenities change that convention up a bit. The static work triangle has become much more freeform, with many touchpoints across multiple ministations that work together to promote the kitchen experience.

Why go with more than one water source in a kitchen?
Having multiple water sources conveniently placed in the kitchen allows the user to work quickly and efficiently. For example, having a pot filler at the stove, eliminates trying to fill a large pot at a sink that might already be full with prep bowls.

What advice do you have for pairing sinks and faucets?
Like any good relationship, sinks and faucets have to work well alone—and together. I highly recommend that clients touch and feel products, and better yet, test-drive them when possible before purchase.

What types of materials and finishes do you see trending in the kitchen?
Any material that promotes this ease of maintenance concept is on-trend. Quartz countertops are sought after for their nonporous and antibacterial properties. Touchless faucets are on the rise, and matte finishes are hot, in part, because they help hide fingerprints and water marks.

What do people expect from their kitchens today?
People really want three things: function, style and durability. Because of Kohler’s innovative materials, durable finishes, bold design and ever-changing inspiration, it is my go-to to achieve those three goals.

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Kathy Moses, KOHLER Experience Center Design Consultant,
spends her days taking homeowners through the exciting process
of designing the kitchen of their dreams, from visualizing the big
picture to exploring and choosing the right pieces. Recently, we
caught up with Kathy to get her thoughts on designing kitchens
for today’s homes.